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What’s Included:

 Instant Access to our ONLINE Florida 
  Concealed Weapon Permit course training videos"

30 minutes of 1 one 1 private, individualized training with a Law enforcement or Military Firearms Instructor

50 rounds to conduct our Course of Fire taken from Law Enforcement and Military Training Programs

A Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Course Certificate required for your Concealed Weapon Permit


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" What Students Are Saying "

about our Online Florida Concealed Weapon Permit Class

Course Reviews:

" It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Nathan Isaac .He has been my NRA instructor for several years beginning with handguns to present, rifles. His recent instruction for basic combat rifle (course) offered thru Overwatch was excellent .The experience had a profound effect on enhancing my skills! "  -  Daniel Santiago, PHD

" I have go to say that this cop is an amazing instructor. My dad and I traveled more than 300 miles for his training. Well worth the trip. His knowledge is remarkable and advice spot on. Simply put, it was an absolute pleasurable experience with low stress advice. No 3 round class room setting here. He fired 50 rounds with dad and 100 with me. OverWatch is a great choice and one you won't regret. "  -  Douglas Kennedy, Business Owner 

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Overwatch Firearms Training is Florida's premier choice when it comes to qualifying for your Concealed Weapons License.
Our two part course consists of an Online, 50 Question Training Module followed by One-On-One Live Fire Training with one of our certified, professional instructors at one of seven convenient locations throughout the state. It is your right and decision to carry a concealed weapon, it is our desire and responsibility to ensure you get the best possible training!

 Our desire is to make sure that whether you are ex special forces, or a stay at home mom, you are licensed and trained above and beyond what the Florida State Statutes requires. Our goal is to prepare you as professionally as we possibly can to “preserve, defend and protect” yourself and your loved ones.

Overwatch Firearms Training is your Florida Online Concealed Carry Qualification Course Specialists!  Our innovative and professional course and introduction to Pistol Safety is a great option to fulfill Florida's training requirement and allow you to apply for your concealed carry permit. 

The fun and interesting online course Introduction to Pistol Safety meets the educational requirements in Florida for a concealed carry permit.

"How does the Online Concealed Weapons Permit Course Work?"

The course is broken up into two parts, an Online Training Module and the live fire qualification required by the State of Florida for Licensure.

Part 1 - Online Concealed Weapon Permit Course Training Videos 

The first part of this course is entirely online, and can be completed in as little as 90 minutes, from anywhere with a broadband internet connection. The Online Training Module consists of 50, multiple choice questions and information on our website can certainly assist you with the test. The course can be paused and returned to at any time. The topics covered include firearm safety, shooting fundamentals, ammunition, and practical considerations for carrying a concealed firearm. After the Online Training Module and Exams have been completed, you will receive access to your temporary Online Training Certificate of Completion.

Part 2 - 30 Minutes of Live Fire One-on-One training with an Overwatch Instructor 

The second part of the course is with us at the range. The State of Florida REQUIRES that an individual demonstrate competency with a firearm through live fire qualification before being eligible to apply for a Concealed Firearm License. After completing the online portion of this course, you will have 90 days to make a training appointment with an Overwatch Firearms Instructor, at any of the listed locations closest to you. You can book your Live Fire time and date online after you're done with the test. 

Instead of a crowded classroom and rushed range time, our experienced instructors will give you 30 minutes of specific, tailored, one on one instruction. Following your live fire training, our instructor will sign and validate your certificate, and you will be eligible to apply for your Florida Concealed Firearm License!

Our goal through this type of training, and the undivided attention of our instructors, is to give you the opportunity to ask specific questions relevant to your situation, and to provide you with the firearms training suitable to meet your specific needs.
The cost of the course is currently just $129!


Get started today and become eligible to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons License.
Overwatch Firearms Training, Florida's Best Concealed Weapons License Solution!

A Message From Nathan Isaac - President/Training Director :

Overwatch Firearms Training has one, single goal in mind. To support you, the student, with the training and insight needed to survive in a self defense situation. Our team of seasoned instructors have observed the terrain of self defense situations, through years of hard earned military and law enforcement experience. Our desire is to provide the prior OVERWATCH needed, through professional and expert training, to survive.

Our course will provide you with quality training that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to not only qualify to carry a gun, but to also know how to use it when it matters. This course is specifically designed to not only meet the training requirements for the concealed firearm license, but to also give you advanced training specifically tailored to your situation. Our goal is not quantity of students, rather, quality of training. Because of that, our curriculum design is based on an intimate one-on-one teaching approach, rather than a large noisy classroom.